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An association site

This site is an emanation of the friendship of the personnel of the Squadron of Transformation Rafale 3/4 "Aquitaine" installed on the air base 113 of Saint-Dizier.
This is not an official site of the Air Force and it is in no way recognized by the Institution. Its content is nevertheless validated by the unit's hierarchy and meets the confidentiality requirements inherent in the profession of arms.
Interested enthusiasts or taxpayers will therefore not find any content of an informative nature on the missions of the ETR or on its activity. On these subjects, we invite you to consult the pages managed by the official communication, that of Department of Defense  or the official air force portal


The updates are linked to the availability of the personnel responsible for the site (the Traditions cell) and depend on the public and discreet activity of the squadron. In advance, we thank you for your understanding in the event of prolonged inactivity.

Why a site with a shop?

The Caisse des Traditions is a private initiative, it is not funded by public funds. Thanks to the sale of the articles present in the shop, the ETR's "Traditions" cell can finance new creations (patches, scarves, etc.) which contribute to staff cohesion. In addition, with the money collected, we can act, like a works council in the private sector, and finance gifts (including for external communication actions) and events for families. of the unit.

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